Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black sunflower seed

Today I was thinking...

Since I put the new feeders out, I have seen the most beautiful cardinal come back every day to feed. He hops between the two feeders and samples from each one...I have noticed he does prefer the black sunflower seeds to the regular seed though. There's something special about sitting and watching as he explores, makes his decision, and begins his meal for the moment...he never eats much at a time...but returns again and again until he has had his fill.

I began to think about how our lives are like that. We hop from activity to activity...but how often do we really stay long enough to explore what's really happening. In everything we do, there is purpose...whether it's preparing a meal for our family or struggling to meet a deadline at work. The purpose may not always be physical such as showing our love and affection for our family by choosing a meal that they really like...the purpose might be for an emotional help us see how we react in a situation or more importantly it might be the window for others to see how we react.

Who we are is shaped so much by what we experience in life. Are we hopping from one thing to another, never really slowing down to glean all that each experience has to offer? Or are we trying to find that purpose in everything we do? I believe if we take the time to explore, we will find the things in life that give our lives purpose and keep our hearts filled to overflowing.

Here's hoping you find the black sunflower seed for your life and keep returning to it over and over!

Later ~


  1. Cris,
    I just found this blog. If you would like a change in careers, you could be a writer. All that you have shared on Caring Bridge and now this, it is really amazing. You are amazing. Until someone has a parent move in with them due to illness, they really don't understand how hard it is. Early on in Daddy's illness, I had a friend from Church tell me that I was doing something that I would never regret. She was so right, when I lost him it was like all of a sudden I couldn't even remember the sleepless nights and how exhausted I was. I know that you are struggling right now and I wish with all my heart that there was something that I could do to make this easier. Just know that I love you and you are all in my prayers. I love what you wrote about paying attention. I think that I too slowed down a bit when Dad was here with us. But sadly since he is gone, life is getting more hectic. I thought that staying busy was helping me cope, but now I think I need to pay more attention. Hug Aunt Mary for me and tell her I love her. Talk to you soon.

    Love ya,

  2. See, another commending your writing talent! So true. Love the post! I am hoping to be paying more attention. To slowing down and seeing purpose in every day.

    And thanks for putting up bird feeders - the beauties are feeding there and eating ice chips under our tree - so beautiful.

  3. Lovely sentiments. I flew over here from Lailani's blog under her fine recommendation.